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Caterpillar Classroom

This class room caters for babies and toddlers up to 24 months old. It is well designed to cater for this age group with a lovely bright play area, cosy sleep area and a space for eating/table top activities. The children have lots of opportunities to learn in a sensorial way and are introduced to a wide variety of materials which vary in size, weight, colour, texture, sound and smell. The children also love the messy play which includes gloop, paint, foam, sand and water. Circle time is introduced with the children learning each other’s names and simple activities to help develop their listening and speaking skills. They also enjoy taking part in group activities, which also helps them develop social skills and learn to share. The children have plenty of fresh air the classroom leads out into the all-weather playground and the garden beyond. All the children in this classroom benefit from a hot cooked lunch. The room has very large windows allowing the children to observe the rest of the busy nursery life going on including activities in the playground. The experienced teachers running this classroom keep detailed daily records of the children and have close relationships with the parents and carers.