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Ladybird Classroom

This class room caters for children from 20 months up to 36 months. It is a bright and stimulating room carefully organised with a wide variety of resources in easy reach of the children. The children enjoy a combination of free play and adult led calmer activities. The children are encouraged and supported at all times to be active, inquisitive and independent learners. They have many opportunities to solve problems and knowledge and skills learnt of the world around them are often demonstrated through their play.  Materials designed to encourage exploration and practical life skills are introduced to encourage independence and confidence. The classroom leads directly into the all-weather playground allowing children plenty of time for outdoor leaning and play. The children in this class take part in a simple assembly designed to further develop their listening, speaking and social/turn taking skills. Circle times include singing, percussion, turn taking games, and stories/puppets. The very knowledgeable staff running this class use individual books for each child to communicate with parents and carers.