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Policies and Procedures


Staff have a good understanding of safeguarding children’s welfare and safety.  Staff know how to recognise signs and symptoms abd take the correct action if they have concerns over a child’s welfare“.  OFSTEDpoliciesandprocedures

We have policies and procedures to cover all areas including Safety, Behaviour, Child Protection, Special Needs, Equal Opportunities, Complaints and Confidentiality.  These are available for parents to read and are displayed on our parents’ notice board.

Minor injuries are recorded on accident sheets. When the child is collected the parents are notified and asked to sign the book. In the case of a more serious accident every effort will be made to contact the parents. In an emergency a doctor or an ambulance will be called. The main team of  staff have taken first aid courses.

A child with sickness or diarrhoea should be kept away from the School for at least 24 hours after the last occurrence.  In case of infectious disease, a child should only return to the School when the doctors say it is safe to do so.  Any allergies or health problems should be reported to the staff.  Please tell the staff of any changes in family circumstances as this may affect the child’s behaviour and emotional state.  If a child is unwell at school the parents will be contacted.

The Nursery has a no smoking policy. Fire Drill is regularly practised. The procedure is displayed on the notice board.